Notice Regarding Inquiries & Cancellations During End-of-Year Service Interruption

17 October 2019

Thank you for always using
Due to system maintenance, services will be suspended during the following period.

JAPANiCAN Website Suspension Period (JST)

21:30 31 December 2019 (Tues) to 13:00 3 January 2020 (Fri)

During the site suspension period, all services, such as boookings, cancellations, confirmation of booking contents, etc. cannot be used.
Please check the following details.

1) Booking Confirmations

During the service suspension period, the “Booking Confirmation” page cannot be viewed or operated. Please therefore check and save the following contents in advance.
  • Booking Completion / Confirmation Email
  • Cancellation policy (starting date of the cancellation fee) ⇒ Please confirm and save in advance from the "Booking Confirmation" page.
  • Receipt ⇒ Please issue it before or after the suspension period.

2) Booking Cancellations

You cannot cancel your booking from the site during the service suspension period. Therefore, please cancel your booking as soon as possible once you decide to cancel it. Please contact Customer Support if you need to cancel during the suspension period.
  • Cancellation fee will be charged based on "application" to Customer Support.
  • Refund procedures will be handled in order received after 6 January.

3) Changes to Bookings

Booking changes (period of stay, number of guests, number of rooms, plans, guest names) are not accepted. Note that JAPANiCAN does not have any method to change details on guest bookings. Please cancel your existing booking and rebook with the correct details. Your existing booking will not be exempt from any cancellation fees, so please check the details regarding cancellation fees for your booking in advance

*** Inquiries during the service suspension period ***
During the service period, Customer Support will be unable to check the details of your booking. Responses to inquiries will be processed in order received from 4 January 2020 (Sat). Please be aware that responses to inquiries during the site maintenance period will be delayed.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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